facebook's 9 WEEKS OF RAMADAN

Facebook has a goldmine of data, but in the Middle East they were finding it difficult to connect with marketers in a meaningful way. Some markets believed that Facebook did not understand the local market and were not very receptive to the information that Facebook was sharing with them.

Knowing that marketers in the region are highly competitive, we created a platform where marketers could compete against each other to test their knowledge of Ramadan trends against that of their peers. Turning what was once a weekly e-mailer, into a chance to show off your skills and garner some praise from Facebook at the same time. We also promised to send the winner to Facebook HQ, that certainly didn’t hurt.


Each week marketers received Facebook’s insights on Ramadan trends and a subsequent quiz test their knowledge. Visually, we created an isometric world to represent the entirety the sense of “togetherness” experienced across the Arab world during the festive period.



On mobile we used the opportunity to launch Facebook canvas for the first time in the region.


If they completed the 9 week “course” then they qualified for a certification on the topic which they could print out and list on their LinkedIn profile.