Lebanese Brew: Try Something Brave

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide we wanted to leave a lasting impression on the young, Audio Kultur readers. We decided that some things are really best sworn in blood. Literally.


Problem: Lebanese Brew was a new beer in a market dominated by Heineken’s Almaza brand, Lebanon’s most famous beer and, basically, a national treasure. We needed to get young people to try this “brave new beer.”

Solution: Playing on the topical 2012 “Last Summer on Earth”, we invited Beirut’s youth to dare their friends to “try something brave”. If they did (and proved it through our app) we rewarded them with ice, cold free Lebanese Brew.


Manifesto Film:


The Brave New App. Users could could choose a dare from the list or add their own.


Poster Campaign:


Augmented reality enabled coasters and outdoors for those who like to play on their own.


The case film:

Effies: Grand Prix

Effies: Gold F&B

Effies: Bronze Social Media

Lynx: Silver Interactive

Lynx: Silver Best Use of Media

Lynx: Silver Social Media